What to do if your car runs out of battery!

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One of the most common malfunctions experienced by car owners is that when the vehicle is running out of battery. Factors such as forgetting the headlights and the use of in-vehicle equipment may cause the vehicle to run out of power. For this reason, you should not neglect to take care of your vehicle in the designated periods of time. In this article we will give you information about what you can do if the battery and the battery run out.

What is Battery?

Accumulator accumulating electrical energy as chemical energy and using it in case of need, the most common use of the battery that we know is the part of the electrical energy used by your vehicle.

The battery gives the current to start the starter motor to allow the vehicle to move. Makes voltage and amperage compensation at high revolutions. The electrical system works by sending current to vehicles such as lamps, door locks and automatic windows.

What are the battery types?

Batteries are divided into varieties according to their contents. Nickel-cadmium batteries, lead-acid batteries, silver-zinc batteries. Today, it is the most commonly used type of lead-acid batteries in cars. These are divided into two as dry and aqueous.

Aqueous battery: A watertight battery is a classic type of car battery that requires the addition of pure water depending on the seasonal conditions.

Dry battery: The closed type batteries called maintenance are called dry batteries. Addition of acid or water in dry batteries is not required.

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Why does the battery not work?

Batteries are much faster and more exhausted, especially in winter. This is because; the hardening of the engine oil due to cold weather and cold weather is the further operation of the heaters, wipers, and mist prevention systems. On the other hand, the very energy consumption of the battery due to the very hot weather can cause the battery to discharge. When the car is not running, the headlights, sound system, interior lighting and not using the car for a long time are among the factors that cause the battery to run out. Stopping due to traffic will also cause the battery to run out faster.

What Should You Do When Your Battery Ends?

When your car’s battery runs out, it may be annoying to encounter a situation where you need to stay on the road or reach your destination in time. It is important to know what to do in such a situation.

First of all, if your insurance company offers support for this situation in the scope of collateral, you can reach your insurance, call roadside assistance or call an attractive person.

Apart from these, when your car battery is exhausted, the most effective operation is changing the battery. However, if your location and location are not suitable for this, another practical way is to reinforce the battery from another vehicle. In order to perform this reinforcement process, you first need a jumper wire (battery jumper).

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