What is Hill Start Support?

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What is Hill Start Support

The uphill start system is a system designed especially for the drivers to get up on the slopes without any problems and easily remove the vehicle. This system firstly detects whether the vehicle is uphill due to the sensors used in the vehicle. If the vehicle is not too fast when you take your foot off the brake and take off the brake when starting off in a vehicle without a start-up support, the vehicle moves back. However, even if you leave the brake, the uphill start assist prevents the car from slipping while maintaining the pressure of the brake and is activated until you release the brake. This system supports the driver using ABS / ESP brake technologies in the vehicle. Thus, the excitement and excitement experienced by the drivers on the slopes will destroy and prevent the accidents that may occur. The uphill starter is also used as the ”hill start assist but they are all the same system.

hill holder system

What are the advantages?

Especially in crowded cities, the drivers often stop at the stop, this stop may be on the uphill slopes, steep slopes, or on the slope of the traffic lights behind the many vehicles can be listed. In such situations of stopping, the driver gets tired because of the need for continuous reflex movements to prevent the vehicle from retreating. As the up hill starter provides a serious boost to the driver in this respect, this greatly reduces fatigue. However, the up hill start assist is a great advantage in terms of parking in the drivers who usually park in flat places, as it is difficult to remove the vehicle from the slope. In addition, with the development of technology is now used in many vehicles, this system is also a significant reduction in the accidents occur in the departure. When all this is considered, it is seen that a vehicle with an up hill start support creates serious advantages over a vehicle without a vehicle.

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