What is Airmatic? How does it work?

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Airmatic is the name of the automobile manufacturer mercedes, the so-called adjustable air suspension system. What is Airmatic? According to the road, speed or load conditions on the suspension system, the suspension system can be adjusted as hard and soft, so the shock absorber feature can change the height of your vehicle. This operation can be set to be preferable with the manual button as well as automatically on request. The Airmatic semi-active suspension system can also be called. Depending on the situation of the roads used in the vehicle you use a button to move the car up and down the tool allows. With this system you can download the vehicle approximately 25mm up or down the network. A handy system that will work for you on damaged roads. This system allows you to feel more secure with this system, which gives your vehicle a better way compared to the road.

How Does Airmatic Work?

In all vehicles manufactured with Airmatic system technology, the vehicle’s drivers can operate with a button on the console side when they are in the vehicle. How does Airmatic work? For example, you can lift the vehicle you use to prevent your vehicle from being damaged or rubbing against the ground on a damaged road.


What are the advantages of Airmatic?

In this way, you can continue your journey without rubbing the floor and without damage to your vehicle. For those who want to have a smooth ride and have a quick driving experience, you can bring your vehicle closer to the ground by driving the system. Because the amount of wind entering the bottom of your vehicle will decrease the performance of the vehicle will directly affect. In addition, because the vehicle wind resistance will be less, the fuel consumption will be positive.

What are the differences between Air and Airmatic?

These suspension systems are similar to each other in terms of both name and feature. However, there are serious differences in these two systems. First, the airmatic suspension is a feature of the vehicle’s completely standard equipment. This system cannot be added or removed later. Air suspension system can be added to vehicles later.

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