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The 5 millionth Volkswagen Tiguan was produced

The 5 millionth Volkswagen Tiguan was produced – Volkswagen Tiguan has reached 5 million units. Thus, he achieved another success in production.

With its compact design, the Tiguan has
to the brand's growth strategy
and made a unique contribution to the SUV move.

Volkswagen's expanding SUV model family is an important
Tiguan and Tiguan Allspace, part of the world
continues to gain interest and admiration of customers. Tiguan; stunning interior
and its external design, state-of-the-art technology and multi-use
It stands out with its extraordinary features.

800 thousand Tiguan was sold in 2018

The main production of Tiguan in Wolfsburg in 2007
and the success story of this compact SUV
It was. At the end of the first 12-month production process, in 2008
more than a thousand Tiguan output. Growth in production continued uninterrupted
and in 2015 more than 500 thousand Tiguan was sold worldwide.

There is also a 7-person version

The second generation Tiguan was launched in 2016. This,
It was the first SUV on Volkswagen's MQB platform. Then in 2017 almost
22 centimeters longer, which can become seven seats
Tiguan entered the assembly line with Allspace interior. Tiguan with Allspace
the new generation of the series and the implementation of the continuation of the series once again
had a positive effect. More than 700,000 vehicles sold in 2017
2018 was the most successful year of the Tiguan product range. Tiguan and
Tiguan Allspace today has four locations (China, Germany, Mexico and Russia)
Manufactured in Volkswagen facilities and sold in the most important markets of the world
It offered.

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