Rent E-scooters: This is how it works Lime, Circ and Co.

Rent E-scooters: This is how it works Lime, Circ and Co.

This is how Lime, Circ and Co. work.

In many German cities you can now rent e-scooters. But how does it work and what does it cost? The answers!

Since 15 June E-scooters are officially allowed in German traffic. And with the start of the legislation in Germany's cities now countless rental services at the start, where you can rent the electric scooters. Renting an e-scooter is easy and works much like car sharing with a smartphone app.

Instructions: How to rent an e-scooter

1. app download: Download the app of the respective provider on the smartphone.

2. Registration: Register with the e-scooter rental service. The app guides you step by step to the customer account. When registering, the payment method is already inquired. Most providers accept credit card or direct debit.

3. Find e-scooters: The app shows on a map where the scooters have been parked and which are located nearby.

4. Rental: A QR code is attached to the scooter. This is scanned with the app and the e-scooter can be used immediately. Alternatively, below the QR code is a number that can be entered manually.

5. Check e-scooter: Before departure, it is advisable to take a look at the battery level and check whether a valid insurance badge is appropriate. In addition, the scooter should be checked for damage (such as the tires) and checked to see if lights and brakes are working properly.
6. End rent: When the destination is reached, the e-scooter is parked at a suitable location. Attention: Some cities prohibit the parking of scooters in certain places. The app helps to find the right parking space. The loan can then be terminated via the app.

E-scooter at Amazon

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Xiaomi Mi scooter

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Voi, Lime, Hive & Co .: Which provider is the right one?

Although the legalization of e-scooters is only a short time ago, there are already a large number of providers of rental scooters. In Berlin alone, there are currently eight rental services for the e-scooters. Generally the most famous scooter rental companies are Bird and Lime from the USA or Voi from Sweden. But even local startups jump on the train in many places. In their mode of operation and in the prices, the providers hardly differ. Which service to choose depends on the location. In some cities, there is only one provider, so users have no choice from different companies anyway.

These are the six largest providers of rental e-scooters:

Bird: Supplier Bird comes from the USA and currently offers e-scooters for rent in eleven European cities. In Germany, the company is so far represented only in Bamberg.

Circ: E-scooter rental Circ was called until some time ago Flash and behind hides a startup from Berlin. The scooters are already available in Berlin, Hamburg, Herne and Cologne. However, the company soon wants to cover up to 80 German cities.

Hive: Hive is part of the Daimler subsidiary Mytaxi and is currently represented in six European cities. Pilot projects are also underway in Hamburg and Munich. However, the areas where the scooters can be used are very limited.

Lime: Lime is currently the largest provider of rental scooters and brings its offer from the US to Europe. Lime is already represented here in 30 cities. Including Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Cologne in Germany.

Animal: Tier is a Berlin startup that leases its scooters in 30 European cities. In Germany you can find the scooters in Berlin, Bonn, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich.

Voi: Voi comes from Sweden and is currently represented in around 20 European cities. The expansion plans are huge: In Germany alone, Voi wants to offer e-scooters in 30 cities in the future. Inter alia, Hamburg and Lübeck are currently planning to cooperate with public transport.

Prices: What is the cost of renting an e-scooter?

The cost of the e-scooter rental is composed of a basic fee and a minute price. The Basic fee is one euro, It is calculated at each new rent. 15 to 20 cents are added per minute, With one hour driving time so between 9 and 13 euros are due. The maximum price is capped by the providers. At Hive, for example, he is 25 euros, Voi demands a maximum of 100 euros. The maximum rental period is usually 24 hours. If an e-scooter is not logged off and parked within 48 hours, it is considered lost by most providers. The provider of the scooter can then demand compensation.

Who is allowed to borrow the e-scooters?

No license is required for the e-scooter, but you have to rent an e-scooter at least 18 years old his. The fact that you can drive the scooter by law already from 14 years, has no influence on it. Finally, when lending a contract with the service provider and this is only possible at age. There is no helmet requirement for the use of e-scooters, but wearing a helmet is strongly recommended. Important: E-scooters may only drive on cycle paths, biking lanes and bicycle lanes. If these are missing, you can avoid the road. Walkways are taboo!

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