Porsche 911/992 (2019): test, price, engine, information, market launch, used cars Everything about the new 911 generation

Porsche 911/992 (2019): test, price, engine, information, market launch, used cars Everything about the new 911 generation

Everything about the new 911 generation

New infotainment, “Wet Mode” and 450 hp in the Carrera S: With the new Porsche 911, the focus is on state-of-the-art technology. How To Cars has all the info!

Presentation: Design is an evolution

Porsche reinvents the 911. In the meantime eighth generation of the “Elfer” stop modern infotainment and many comfort extras Feeder. Compared to its predecessor, the 991, the body of the new (building code: 992) has grown a bit, but in its basic form clearly recognizable as 911. As well on rear engineconcept and the Six-cylinder boxer stops Porsche in the new evolutionary stage firmly. Thus, the Porsche 911 differs from his direct competitors such as the Mercedes-AMG GT or the Corvette. They both rely on a front-mounted V8.

The third brake light was placed by the designers in the longitudinal struts of the cooling air inlet.

An apron with plenty of air intakes and more molded fenders – the front The new 911er would also face a turbo well. The 992 is in the width grown by 4.5 centimeters (1.85 meters). The wheelbase remains with 2.45 m identical to its predecessor. In the length The 992 shrinks by eight millimeters, resulting in a length of 4.52 m. In addition, the new penalty is five millimeters higher (1.30 m). The bonnet of the 911 is again classically shaped and almost closes just off with the apron. The rims measure up front 20 inches In diameter, rear 21 inches, To eye catcher should be the door handles of the 992. They are sunk in the sheet metal of the doors and go off when needed electrically. The rear spoiler will be variable in the future and is much wider than for all previous generations. Below that are the continuous taillight band. that with his incorporated “Porsche “Lettering to the Misse-study of 2015 recalls. The rear apron is less rugged than the 991 facelift. in the lower tail section have the designers the Klicense plate, the two tailpipes, the air outlets and the position lights summarized in a black deposed bet,

Price and market launch: Available now

The new Porsche 911 is available now, The basic price for the Carrera S is 120,125 euros, the four-wheel drive Carrera 4S costs at least 127,979 euros. Below the Carrera S pushes Porsche 911 Carrera to: The cheapest 911 is there from 104.655 euros, In addition, follow with the new 911-generation again convertible, turbo and GT3.

Interior: Timeless cockpit in the 911

Instead of a key turns in the 911 generation a fixed rotary switch.

How To Cars made the first seat fitting in the new penalty. First impression when opening the door: The electrically extending door handles work perfectly, because they are not completely submerged, but even when retracted have a recessed grip. The typical seating position is 911, because the ergonomics are simply perfect. Even for 1.95 meter tall drivers is plenty of space up – not a matter of course for a flat-built sports car. The cockpit has evolved the designer just as carefully as the exterior of the 911. With the central 10.9-inch touchscreen reminds the dashboard of Panamera and Cayenne, it combines timelessly successful design with modern elements. Decisive difference to its predecessor: The Main monitor is much higher placed as in the 991 and is thus better in the driver's field of vision. Underneath, five speed-dial keys provide intuitive access to basic functions. The buttons look valuable and feel massive. The outstanding material appearance does not stop at the buttons, but is standard in the 911 interior. Classically, that is instrument cluster, For all digitalization: Porsche can not quite break away from the needle, at least The central tachometer is traditionally analog, To the right and left of it two monitors provide the driver with information. Remarkably small is the new gear selector lever of the new eight-speed PDK. Similar to the predecessor takes the wide center console quite a lot of space to complete.

Driving: More determined than ever

Tight bends, blind peaks and depressions are perfect for the rear-wheel drive.

How To Cars has already made a test drive in the Carrera S! The larger turbos need a few turns more than their predecessor before they catch fire altogether. That's right Boost pressure just above 2000 rpm on. At the latest to the middle of the engine but the biturbo hangs like a sucker on the gas. Impressive: that crystal clear pedal feel, with which the torque can be modulated Newton meter-accurate, and the iron vehemence with which the engine turns off. The transmission now puts the gears much harsher than before. Nice: the feel of the Schaltpaddle made of real metal. Not so nice: the degenerate selector lever stub on the center tunnel, which now holds no manual lane more. Anyone who wants to direct the speeds themselves, can now zap only on the steering wheel. tonal meanwhile, Porsche is also reaching deep into the bag of tricks. Part of the groovy sawing and cheeky loader-fieping is artificially created, yet one never creeps the suspicion that one would get recorded here playback. Especially the optional sports exhaust system also sounds attractive on the outside.

Equally appealing: the newly tuned steering, which is a bit tighter in the hand, noticeably more directly responsive and still conveys a lot of road contact. The optional rear axle steering, which animates in slow corners, acts in a fast stabilizing on the handling, acts so subtle, that you have to pay close attention to it, to consciously feel the circling from the bottom. By far the biggest jump is at landing gear succeeded. The new 911 receives significantly more gauge front and rear (from now on, the rear-wheel drive also carries the wide four-wheel drive rear), mixed tires with 20 inches in front and 21 inches in the rear and the newly tuned set-up, the higher damper and spring rates combined with softer stabilizers. Episode: The Elfer steers more determined than ever. Especially in tight bends, the light front feels as stable as ever. The Carrera S is extremely tired, curves extremely defined and pulls its radii with a matter of course, which is almost scary.

Connectivity: Two new features

The infotainment system includes online navigation and lets the 911 communicate with other vehicles.

The infotainment PCM brings the 911 to a new high in connectivity: main control unit is the 10.9 inch central monitor, The infotainment system includes online navigation and allows the 911 to communicate with other vehicles to exchange data. In addition, Porsche shows in the 911th two new features: the Porsche Road Trip for tour planning, organization and navigation along compiled routes with special points of interests (hotels, restaurants, restaurants, etc.)ts, viewpoints and Sehwrdigkeiten) and the Lifestyle Assistants “Porsche 360+”, which should make everyday life easier and exclusive experiences promises. What exactly is behind it, the Zuffenhäuser betrayed but not yet.

Equipment: New Wet Mode

As standard comes the 992 with new Safety features: for example the Wet mode, which warns the driver when the rain starts and the driving aids accordingly in frontestablished. The particularly security-optimized coordination of the assistants can be activated by key (or extra charge Sport chrono package knob on the steering wheel) recall. Always on board is also the Warning and brake assistant, Optionally, 911 owners can have their car with one Night Vision Assistant (Thermal image), one 360-degree camera or Adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go function including autonomous emergency stop function equip.

Engine: 450 hp in the Carrera S

First, Porsche calls only one engine option: the S-variant of the 911 Carrera with 450 hp.

In the rear of the 911 again sits the well-known, but evolved Three liter turbocharged Boxer with six cylinders. In the 911 Carrera makes the engine 385 hp (15 hp more than its predecessor). The sprint from zero to 100 km / h is done in 4.2 seconds, the end is at 293 km / h. In the Carrera S it brings the engine on 450 hp: This is in 3.7 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h, the maximum speed is 308 km / h. Is “Carrera 4S” in the vehicle registration, the rear engine drives all four wheels, which provides for a slightly better acceleration: 3.6 seconds, the 911 Carrera 4S needs from a standstill up to 100 km / h, according to Porsche. At 306 km / h should be over. To launch the market, Porsche brings the new 911 only with PDK, later to follow a hand switch.

Used cars: Porsche 911 from 66,000 euros

The predecessor model with the construction code 991 was built since 2011 and offered in power levels from 350 hp (Carrera) to 580 hp (Turbo S). Since the facelift end of 2015, except in the sports models GT3 and R, only charged six-cylinder boxer with at least 370 hp under the plate. And the model has only a few flaws: The 911 is the winner in How To Cars TÜV Report 2019. Among the few abnormalities include creaking convertible tops and high wear of brakes, clutch and tires in sporty driving. Clear that the sports car icon is quite stable in value. Early pre-facelift models with less than 100,000 kilometers cost around 66,000 euros. These are usually the entry-level Carrera. The top model 911 Turbo S with 560 hp is traded at 126,000 euros – but only with automatic transmission. For 88,500 euros there is the Carrera as a facelift model, usually with a maximum of 30,000 kilometers on the clock. The stronger Carrera S is available for about 95,000 euros, the revved Turbo S for 155,000 euros.
Overview: Used Porsche 911 (991)

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Porsche 911/992 (2019): test, price, engine, information, market launch, used cars Everything about the new 911 generation

Porsche 911/992 (2019): test, price, engine, information, market launch, used cars Everything about the new 911 generation

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