Peugeot E-Legend: Driving Report So drives the Peugeot E-Legend

Peugeot E-Legend: Driving Report So drives the Peugeot E-Legend

This is how the Peugeot E-Legend drives

Peugeot packed in the study E-Legend autonomous driving in the look of an evergreen. How To Cars drew the Stromer but even.

Dhe speedometer shows 16 km / h, I still have 30 meters to the wall. Outside sweat the responsible of Peugeotbecause she's her sinteures showcar by way of exception, not remotely directing, but have left to a faulty man: me. The E-Legend jumbles and crunches, as the handmade pieces do. It's scorching hot in here, or is it the excitement? Somewhere in that Giant Cockpit a fan is buzzing, but it does not lift. 15 meters, a kick on the pedal. After all, the brake works.

E-Legend performance only exists on paper

Only theory: The E-Legend could Sprint to 100 in four seconds – with the right engine.

We have to clarify something here. No showcarNot one of these beautiful cases can in reality be what the manufacturers promise before fairs. If autonomous driving, new E drives or great materials – the test car maker in proven models, not in expensive exotics that sink millions in the accident. The mannequins on wheels are too vulnerable, some can not drive at all. The E-Legend can do that, after all. Not with 340 kW on board, not with 100 kWh large batterybut all three numbers smaller. The figures given by the manufacturer must be understood as follows: If Peugeot equipped a coupe of this size with this drive, then either would under four seconds to 100 km in there or 480 kilometers range, Purely mathematically, that's what most producers do. So no reproach to Peugeot.

The design quote is exquisite to the E-Legend case

Great role model: With the 504 Coupé, the E-Legend quotes a timelessly beautiful Peugeot classic.

Let's praise the French designerwho for their study one Brand icon as a model have chosen: the 504 coupe from 1969, “who simply had perfect lines,” as Matthias Hossann, head of all Concept Cars at Peugeot, raves about. “So swinging light in the lines, while inside as bright as if the car was floating.” The elegance of the 504 is also dormant in the E-Legend, of course a little beefier 1.93 meters widewithout slipping off into the muscle-car look. “We wanted to stay close to everyday life, with realistic proportions,” emphasizes the designer. And that succeeded, the 19-inch wheels act almost modest, where already series SUVs today drive with 22 inches. The success was Hossann right: The E-Legend received applause at the Paris Salon, applause in Shanghai, at the Milan Furniture Fair and appreciative nod of chic hats at the prestigious showcase at the Villa d'Este. Real beauty does not go away.

Why the 504 look? “We want that new technic Imagine them emotionally packbecause it only reaches people instead of pushing them away. “And there's plenty of new stuff in E-Legend, who opens his door at the push of a button Center console has shrunk on a small display, behind the steering wheel are three more mini-monitors, depending on driving mode show or disappear. In the mode “Legend” I direct myself, in “Boost” it's sportier.

In autonomous driving the Peugeot becomes a cinema

Big Cinema: Front passengers can watch movies on a 49 inch monitor in the footwell.

And in the mode “autonomous” leads the study her biggest trick before that Steering wheel disappears with a half somersault in the dashboard, the Seat moves back to the cinema position, And in the footwell is a movie on the 49 inches big screenbecause the E-Legend does not need a driver. To Level 4, that means: highly automatic, only in case of emergency, the pilot intervenes. This level does not dominate the show car, but the dream, how that could look, brings it over beautifully. Hands in the lap, film off. It also works two displays in the door panelso that the occupants experience a visual surround effect, almost 180 degrees around them. And if the two front not agree on a program, then drive in the E-Legend from the sun visors two individual monitors, With a total of 16, mostly high-resolution displays in the car you should have no pixel allergy.

Unfortunately, the study is never built in this form

Despite a petition with many signatories, the E-Legend will not make it into series production.

But rather like a Stäuchchen, which is somewhere between grandma and flattering. “We saw this on an old 504 turquoise velvet and were spontaneously in love: He had to get into the car, “says project manager Hossann.” The velvet has the entire Choice of colors and decor oriented. Also the same-colored mesh fabric on seats, the dark Paldao wood and the paint in champagne gray. “The result was a fascinating remake of the 504, which even triggered a petition on the net after the trade fair debut: Nearly 60,000 supporters Demand that Peugeot should build this car. Matthias Hossann has to disappoint the fan base, even if our ride at 16 km / h makes your mouth water again. “The car will never come in this form.” The E-Legend enters Feeling for the future, but not more. Tomorrow looks at Peugeot like the new 208 Electric. The brand's first modern Stromer has a 100 kW engine, costs 30,490 euros and will arrive in early 2020.

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