Pagani Huayra Roadster BC (2019): Price, Engine, AMG, Pictures The Pagani, which was never planned

Pagani Huayra Roadster BC (2019): Price, Engine, AMG, Pictures The Pagani, which was never planned

The Pagani, who was never planned like that

802 hp, over 1050 Nm, 3.2 million euros expensive: The Pagani Huayra Roadster BC is a superlative – but was actually not planned. An automobile declaration of love!

802 hp, over 1000 Nm of torque and a price of 3.2 million euros plus taxes: That's the one Pagani Huayra Roadster BC, The new model is on 40 copies limited and was not planned at all. Here comes the story behind the Italian artwork on wheels!

History: The Huayra Roadster BC was never planned like this

For all, who Pagani do not pursue so intensely: the Italian small series manufacturer sets since 1999 on AMG engines and celebrates 2019 very special anniversary, The Zonda, the first car of the brand, will be 20 years old and has meanwhile cult status reached. The prices for used Zonda are now somewhere between two and 15 million euros, Provided that an owner wants to separate at all.

The seven-spoke alloy wheels measure 20 inches at the front and 21 inches at the rear.

2011 came with the Huayra the second model on the market. 100 coupes were built and delivered, added 20 Huayra BC. 100 planned Huayra Roadster and from Spring 2020 the Roadster BC, The abbreviation BC stands for Benny Caiola, the first Pagani customer, When Caiola died in 2010, Horacio Pagani decided to dedicate his friend to the Huayra BC. In early 2020, the Huayra Roadster BC follows: a car that was never planned!

Locally, I rather casually learn that originally no BC version of the roadster was provided, Actually, the team around company founder Horacio was busy with the production of the Huayra Roadster and the development of the successor (internally called C10) as one Pagani customer a blank transfer -actuated. Subject: “Huayra Roadster BC”. This transfer was followed by others from other clients, so Horacio Pagani decided to develop an open version of the Huayra BC. That was 2015.

Design and aerodynamics: New splitter, new rear wing

That's up four years later 40 copies limited edition special edition finished and is in front of me. The Roadster BC should be much more than a Huayra BC without a roof, Horacio Pagani tells me in Italian. The small, at first glance almost shy-looking man with the green checked jacket does not speak English. Nevertheless, for nearly an hour he explains in detail what has changed at Roadster BC – in Italian. The translation is done by his son Christopher.

Pagani indicates the weight distribution of the only 1250 kilo light Roadster BC with 46/54 percent.

Horacio's favorite topics are Aerodynamics and weight savings, The goal for the Huayra Roadster BC sounds banal: more downforce with even less weight! Mastermind Pagani explains that several paths lead to the destination. So could the contact pressure for example increased by less ground clearance become. However, this measure is too radical for a street-legal car – and so Pagani decided to leave the ground clearance, similar to the Huayra Roadster, at 95 to 110 millimeters. After all, safety has the highest priority,

Instead, the aerodynamics had to be optimized elsewhere. It started with the internal air duct to dissipate as much heat from the front radiators. At the same time, the Front spoiler and the side splitter completely revised. The wave-like shape, the engineers have at the Formula 1 copied,

500 kg of pressure at 280 km / h

In addition, a lot of fine work in the braking flowed. To prevent strong immersion, the front is over the new electronically controlled dampers slightly raised during braking – this is supposed to take weight off the front. The system was already on the Huayra Roadster, but it was further developed for the Roadster BC.

An elementary part of the aerodynamics is attributed to the rear wingwhich is comparatively narrow. Horacio Pagani: “The default was 500 kilos of contact pressure at 280 km / h, We originally started with an approximately twice as wide rear wing. Through much fine work and innovations such as the lateral flaps on the wing, the self-imposed target could also be achieved with a narrower wing. “

Six exhaust pipes for more sound

Pagani Zonda F: Test – Motorsport – Sound

Exciting ride in the super sports car

One floor below, the rear apron has been completely redesigned, it now has left and right new outlets for air removal. Despite the small edition of only 40 cars were also the Alloy wheels in collaboration with the manufacturer App newly developed. As a result, tire partner Pirelli had to conjure a new mixture from the hat. For even better driveability, the tires on the Front axle from 255/30 ZR20 to 265/30 ZR20 increased. Behind it hides one Brembo carbon ceramic brake with 398 mm big discs and six-piston caliper. Measure the huge rear tires 355/25 ZR21, the brake after all 380 millimeters,

Ride: full throttle at over 40 degrees Celsius

Relocations: Autodromo di Modena, The more than two kilometers long racetrack is just outside Modena, is Pagani's house runway and was in the 50s / 60s even a Formula 1 race track, Here Pagani wants to prove how much fine work has gone into the vote of the Roadster BC. Unfortunately, I am not yet allowed to take the wheel of the camouflaged prototype, The test driver Andrea Palma takes over.

Let's start with Launch Control

With the camouflaged prototype, it went on the racetrack. At the wheel: test driver Andrea Palma.

Launch control start in the pit lane – it sounds like Six-liter V12 biturbo (is now officially called Pagani V12, but still comes from Mercedes-AMG) like a gathering thunderstorm. This is not only because of the missing roof, but also because the Roadster BC in addition to the typical Four round exhaust pipes has two hidden tailpipes in the diffuserthat come directly from the kats. More exhaust pipes, more sound – as simple as that.

The acceleration is fierce, but even more brutal are the gear changesthat remind of the intensity of the first E-Gear from Lamborghini. Contrary to the trend towards double clutch, Pagani continues to rely on a sequential gearbox from Xtrac. Why? weight savings!

Rare sight: The opposite speedometer of the Huayra Roadster BC goes up to 415 km / h.

At Pagani, they are obsessed with saving every extra kilo. Compared to Huayra BC was the Clutch completely redeveloped and now weighs only six kilos instead of the former ten. At the same time, switching times were improved by 30 percent. So it is not surprising that the Roadster BC despite 4.61 meters in length and powerful V12 just 1250 kilos predominates.

A set of tires a day

I feel this lightness on the race track even from the passenger seat. Andrea shoves the pre-production car with one hand across the corners and explains that the response has been improved again. The full power is already at 2000 revolutions on. However, the air temperature on this day is 47 degrees, so the test drive is over after only two laps. Overall, Andrea completed 221 laps on this day.

Engine: New V12 twin-turbo from Mercedes-AMG

Pagani Huayra Roadster BC (2019): Hypercar – Sports Car – Exclusive

In Pagani heaven!

The engine of the Huayra Roadster BC is called from now on officially Pagani V12but still comes from Mercedes-AMG, In 1999, Pagani presented the debut work, the Zonda, at the Geneva Motor Show. The engine cooperation with Mercedes-AMG is just as long, and Pagani is extremely satisfied. In the evening, Horacio reports proudly that it is Neither the Zonda (M 297) nor the Huayra (M 158) ever had an engine failure.

The V12 twin turbo with six liters of hatchback has now in the Roadster BC Four intercoolers, two throttle bodies and larger turbos, Makes 802 hp and over 1050 Nm of torque, However, these data are still preliminary because the engine is still in the final Homologationsphase. As soon as it is completed, Pagani promises, should the V12 will create the emission standard Euro 7 and the emission behavior up to and including 2025 will be no problem.

500,000 kilometers on the test bench

This is the engine at AMG around 500,000 kilometers tested on the test bench before the fine tuning takes place directly in the car at Pagani. Alone on the racetrack in Modena have the prototypes of the Huayra Roadster BC already 16,000 kilometers in total unwound. Official performance betrayed the Italians not yet. It should be sure that the Huayra Roadster BC significantly over 350 km / h fast is and the sprint to 100 km / h in about three seconds creates.

Numbers: 3.2 million euros base price

The wooden gear knob is a tribute to the Porsche 917 and is made of Carbo-Wood.

802 hp, over 1050 Nm and 3.2 million euros expensive, But these are not the most impressive numbers of the Huayra Roadster BC. So one of the engineers reveals that alone in a Roadster BC installed screws are worth over 100,000 euros, Each one is made of titanium and has, depending on the size, the engraved Pagani logo or branding.

Also Tire partner Pirelli did not have it easy. Originally, the Italians assumed that Pagani would take over the Trofeo R-Semislick from the Huayra BC Coupe, However, perfectionist Horacio Pagani was not satisfied with that Pirelli a total of 22 rubber compounds Pagani convinced that even inexperienced pilots with the 802 hp are not overwhelmed.

New material is 450 percent more expensive

The Roadster BC consists mainly of carbon, Especially for the new model was the latest generation Carbon-Titanium (on Extra strong mix of carbon and titanium), just like the composite Carbo-Triax, in the name HP62 hear. This carbon is up to 20 percent stiffer as before, but it has a crucial disadvantage: The new material is 450 percent more expensive.

Nevertheless, Pagani decided to use this HP62 in the Huayra Roadster BC. That also explains why the Huayra Roadster BC with a Base price of around 3.2 million euros has become significantly more expensive again. For comparison: the Special model Huayra BC cost about 1.8 million euros in 2016, The Huayra Roadster, launched in 2017, currently stands at around 2.2 million euros, The respective prices are all net – paganis are therefore always more expensive. The high price does not seem to bother customers, because even before the presentation, all 40 Huayra Roadster BC are sold out.

Conclusion of Jan Götze: Just for the attention to detail you have to love Pagani. If you are intensively involved with the Huayra Roadster BC, you will notice how much work has gone into the development. Aerodynamics, suspension, engine, tires and more have been fundamentally revised. Open and with six exhaust pipes you can enjoy the unfiltered V12 sound!

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