Mercedes B-Class / BMW 2 Series Active Tourer: Used Car Test Which used car is better?

Mercedes B-Class / BMW 2 Series Active Tourer: Used Car Test Which used car is better?

Which used car is better?

Mercedes B-Class and BMW 2 Series Active Tourer have conquered the hearts of many seniors as practical high seats. Really mature, however, only one shows.

FEarlier you drove E-Class: W 123, W 124, W 210. Solid sedans of the 70s, 80s and 90s. A few decades later, the limousine drivers of the past have long since switched. From the notchback litter to small, practical high seats like the Mercedes B-Class. Since its first generation in 2005 (T 245 series), the compact van has been particularly popular with mature customers whose quality and image requirements are not covered by a VW Golf Plus.

High residual values ​​for used show the popularity

Front-wheel drive, three-cylinder engine: The target group has no problem with the traditional break at BMW.

The business model worked so well in an aging society that BMW no longer wanted to watch enviously. In March 2014, the 2er Active Tourer appeared. Following the example of the B class, BMW even slaughtered a few sacred cows: front instead of rear-wheel drive, three- or four-cylinder or six-cylinder engine. Both would have been unthinkable among the people of Munich, when the seniors' clientele that was being courted today was still in its prime. Interestingly, it is precisely this, which hardly bothers the traditional break and courageously accessed. How strong the interest is, can be easily read from the high residual values ​​for used. Early models of the clearly matured second B-Class W 246 still cling tenaciously to the 10,000 euro mark, for the younger BMW are always a few thousands more due.

Used car search: Mercedes B-Class

Technical specifications
Mercedes BMW
engine Four-cylinder / forward longitudinal Three-cylinder / front cross
Valves / camshafts 4 per cylinder / 2 4 per cylinder / 2
capacity 1595 cm³ 1499 cc
power 90 kW (122 hp) at 5000 rpm 100 kW (136 hp) at 4400 rpm
torque 200 Nm at 1250 / min 220 Nm at 1250 / min
top speed 190 km / h 205 km / h
0-100 km / h 10.2 s 9.3 s
Tank / fuel 50 l / super 51 l / super
Gearbox / drive Seven-speed DCT / front wheel Six-speed automatic / Front
Length Width Height 4359/1786/1557 mm 4354/1800/1555 mm
Boot capacity 486-1545 l 468-1510 l
Curb weight / payload 1395/565 l 1385/525 kg

The Mercedes annoys in different ways

On long-haul routes, B-class riders and others have to to cope with hard suspension and hectic shifting dual-clutch transmission.

When driving the good old Mercedes spirit has to be thoroughly searched. With much benevolence, he is recognizable in the delayed responsive accelerator, which reminds a little of the old 123er – just like the round ventilation rosettes. Under the short hood sit the well-known and proven Mercedes engines from the A-Class. In mid-2013 came the first Euro 6 diesel. Because of their rough running and only mediocre soundproofing, they are rather something for highway or country road, where usually wind noise drown out the engine noise. On long distances annoying but too short seats, sometimes hectic switching dual-clutch gearbox and hard suspensions. Especially on bad roads disturbs the staccato vote with their rigid spring behavior. No wonder that a B 200 CDI, who completed the endurance test over 100,000 kilometers from 2013 to 2015 at How To Cars, rarely went on a big trip.

Used car search: BMW 2 Series

When BMW the three-cylinder destroyed the good impression

The Halbschalenlager initially used by BMW made limp and caused the death of the three-cylinder.

All this is no reason for glee with BMW fans. Even a 2015 used 218i Active Tourer was in the editorial a difficult position. Although he could convince as expected in chassis and steering, but the good impression was quickly destroyed by the new three-cylinder. With 136 hp proved the 1.5-liter Motörchen enough sportsmanship, with 8.5 liters in the test section, but he consumed no less than a comparable four-cylinder and thus lost his right to exist. When the engine struck at mileage 36,000, it was finally over with the affection. Reason: a misconstructed crankshaft bearing! BMW reversed production and retrofitted all vehicles delivered by April 2015 for free. At the end of the endurance test, it was enough only for the grade 4, with which the 2 Series Active Tourer had to rank clearly behind the mechanically much more solid B-Class (Grade 2).

The same image offers the How To Cars TÜV report, where the BMW ranked 30th in the midfield, the Mercedes, however, after the Porsche 911 second place occupied. Small consolation: At Mercedes, only the second generation of the B class was really good. Maybe BMW fans have to wait a bit – and hope for the successor. The question remains: did today's B-Class buyers betray their principles from the old Mercedes world? Yes and no. Although higher seating position and greater practicality are bought with comfort deficits. The quality of the second B-Class, however, strongly reminiscent of the good old W 123 and W 124.

Mercedes BMW
test consumption 6.9 l S / 100 km 6.8 l S / 100 km
CO2 164 g / km 161 g / km
inspection 300-550 euros 300-600 euros
Liability (15) * 504 euros 611 euros
Partial coverage (20) * 147 euros 179 euros
Full insurance (22) * 892 euros 957 euros
Vehicle tax (Euro 6) 137 euros 88 E
Spare parts prices **
Alternator (AT) 1285 euros 933 euros
Starter (AT) 826 euros 505 euros
water pump 583 euros 402 euros
toothed belt not applicable (chain) not applicable (chain)
silencer 552 euros 713 euros
Mudguard front left, painted 687 euros 723 euros
Brake discs and pads 451 E 596 euros
* Online rate of the HUK24 insurance: admission in Hamburg, driver only policyholders and partners (25 years old), annual mileage 15,000 km, damage-free class 1; ** Prices include wages and 19 percent sales tax

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