Harley-Davidson Livewire: E-bike in the test Is this still a real Harley?

Harley-Davidson Livewire: E-bike in the test Is this still a real Harley?

Is that still a real Harley?

Looking at the new Livewire will whip up real Harley purists: an e-bike? What about the distinctive exhaust sound? Is that a real Harley? How To Cars has tested it!

Die fully electric Harley-Davidson Livewire contradicts everything the brand Harley-Davidson stands for. It's not a heavy cruiser iron – and it hums instead of rattling sonorously. CAR PICTURE the livewire went to find out if this is still a real Harley!

That's the Harley-Davidson Livewire

Harley-Davidson wants to inspire a younger audience with the hip Livewire.

Visually, the Livewire is a modern version of the classic Harley models. The focus is as usual the engine – only that through the lines no gasoline, but electricity flows. Under the smartly designed tank lid hides the charging socket. On a domestic standard socket The Livewire fills a good 21 kilometers per hour reach, at a Quick charger the electricity storage tanks are 100 percent refueled within one hour. Adjustable suspension components are standard, and with the launch Harley-Davidson brings a comprehensive one accessories on the market, for example, a lower bench or carbon parts.

Harley wants to equip himself with the Livewire for the future – because the company has one Image problem, The buyers are getting older, the product range looks dustier on younger people. The step towards electric should be new, younger customers from the urban space to inspire the brand, to whom the machines were so far too loud with their Bollersound. That's why there is a whole below the Livewire Range of electrical machines – The classic bikes with internal combustion engine should continue to exist.

The Livewire is fully networked: it even sends push messages to the smartphone.

Suitable for a younger clientele, the Livewire is thanks LTE module fully networked: Per app you can check the status and location of the bike, monitor the charging process and get a push message on your mobile phone if someone makes a mistake on the bike. By Bluetooth you can transfer music and Navi commands – the info will be on the 4.3 inch large touch display displayed. While driving you can go with two joysticks control the most important functions.

That's how it drives Harley-Davidson Livewire

Incredibly strong! Although you do not hear the classic exhaust roar at the start, it is quite easy to press the start button. rhythmic pulsation through the machine, much like a heartbeat. You can feel it, too, if you stop at the traffic light or at the roadside. This is produced by the toothed belt, which connects the engine and rear wheel.

In about three seconds spikes the Livewire from the state to a hundred things.

The Livewire is ready to go! The coupling and switching is gone – just turn the right handle, and off you go: ideal for beginners and returnees. 106 hp and 117 Newton meters of torque Snap machine and driver in just over three seconds from 0 to 100 km / h – without interruption of traction! Since the corners of the mouth pull in the wind by itself backwards. Top speed according to Harley: 178 km / h. Four preset and three programmable driving modes make the livewire for each driver types manageable, provide for security assistants such as Curve ABS and Rollover prevention, The strength of the recuperation can be adjusted – it is high, you hardly need to use the brake.

Despite almost 250 kilograms weight The E-Harley feels light when driving, the low center of gravity makes you lie well on the road and drive very neutral through bends. If you are used to classic machines, you have to change things a bit: disengaging in curves is simply not possible, so you have to find other tricks to hit the angle exactly. And the sound? The timing belt between the engine and the rear wheel creates a great deal distinctive soundwhich reminds of a jet jet. Certainly not for Harley purists with a penchant for blubber sound, but rather independent and cool!

In the city, the Livewire to create up to 235 kilometers range.

The reach gives Harley-Davidson at least 153 kilometers in the stop-and-go highway cycle. Who drives them in the city, creates up to 235 kilometers, That's enough for most of the usual routes. There are minor weaknesses in the arrangement of the controls: The buttons for the turn signals are arranged individually on the respective handlebar side – when you turn right you have to stretch your thumb quite enough to set the turn signal. That also applies to the Driving modes switch, which sits directly next to it and which one uses better only with stationary machine, because one often does not meet it or accidentally jumps over several driving modes. Distraction risk!

That costs the Harley-Davidson Livewire

If drive and sound are unfamiliar to a Harley, then at least that does not apply to the price level: The Livewire is for at least 32,995 euros plus 560 euros transport and construction fee.

Conclusion of Christopher Clausen: The Livewire polarized, but it is a mature e-bike with great driving characteristics and good technology. Sure, she will not be able to enthuse motorsound enthusiasts – but she paves the way for more electric machines. A true reinterpretation of the brand for the 21st century!

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Harley-Davidson Livewire: E-bike in the test Is this still a real Harley?

Harley-Davidson Livewire: E-bike in the test Is this still a real Harley?