Electric Scooter: Test These e-scooters make buck!

Electric Scooter: Test These e-scooters make buck!

GIn cities, electric scooters quickly get you started, and the annoying search for a parking space is spared. But with the e-scooters, there are also clear quality differences – especially in terms of range separates the wheat from the chaff: From 30 to 100 kilometers, everything is possible. Loading times and processing are also very different. The Price range is just over 1000 euros to well over 6,000 euros, But is expensive really good too? ADAC and How To Cars have taken in their tests e-scooters under the microscope. The results!

ADAC tests seven electric scooters (June 2919)

From 2300 to 6400 euros, the price range of the seven electric scooters that the ADAC has tested ranges. The good news: a total failure did not come, but none of the candidates could get the test score “very good”. The best electric scooter is therefore the swallow of the brand Govecs with the test grade “good” (2,3). The testers rated the high quality, the powerful engine and the safe driving behavior as particularly positive. Even in the How To Cars test of optically to the DDR-Scooter Simson KR51 angeled e-scooter with a 2+ convince. Still another model scores “good” in the ADAC test, the Piaggio Vespa Elettrica (2.5), which can set itself apart with the highest range (76 kilometers), the fastest charging time (3.8 hours) and a comfortable suspension from the other test candidates. But the quality also has its price: For Schwalbe and Vespa are well over 5,000 euros in the price list.
In the midfield with the test result “satisfactory” land the electric scooter Niu N1 S (3.1), Torrot Muvi (3.2), Vässla 2 (3.3) and Unu Scooter Classic (3.5). The model of Unu is with its price of around 2,300 euros the cheapest model in the test, but you have to live with weaknesses such as moderate build quality, low acceleration and little space. A better price / performance ratio offers the Niu for 2,900 euros, It also chalks up little space, long load times (8.5 hours) and moderate braking power. For the testers praise, among other things, the range, storage options and the removable battery. Taillight in the ADAC test is the sidekick 1954 Ri with the grade “sufficient” (4.1). Deductions are among other things due to software problems, poor processing and the shortest range (33 kilometers) in the test.

E-scooter at Amazon

Niu N1 S

Price: 1,239 euros *

Elettrico Li

Price: 1,899 euros *

Luxxon E3000

Price: 1,499 euros *

E-scooter One

Price: 1,799 euros *

Rolektro Retro Light E-Scooter

Price: 1,099 euros *

Electric scooter Classico

Price: 2,199 euros *

* As of: June 27, 2019

Six e-scooters in the How To Cars test (June 2018)

Six electric scooter has taken How To Cars in the test under the microscope. E-mobility is expensive? Far from it, the cheapest model, the Rolektro eco-City 45 V.2 Plus, costs 1.279 euros sunny. So much demands BMW for the electric seat adjustment with memory function in the 5 Series! The most expensive in our test field is the swallow for 6,450 euros. Of course, in addition to the price range, ride and safety play a role in the scooter. Conclusion: a lot of sunshine in the test field. But a candidate can hail you the summer.

How To Cars has tested: Brakes from Tempo 30, acceleration, charging time and a consumption drive were on the program.

Niu N1S: Almost nothing to complain about!

Niu sets with the scooter N1S modern and independent design.

The Chinese brand Niu is the world leader in e-scooters – the expectations on the N1S are correspondingly high. Up to two people can drive with the electric scooter. Especially useful are the footrests for the rear man, which are easy to fold in and out. The driving behavior is agile. There are three driving modes to choose from, which above all control the responsiveness of the scooter. Other plus points include the clear display and the Niu app, which allows drivers to access information such as the battery life of the scooter anytime, anywhere. There is criticism for the suspension, on bad roads it is quickly bumpy. The Niu was the only e-scooter in the test field, which drove with only one battery to the start. The optional second battery costs 1499 euros extra, much too expensive. Nevertheless, 1st place.

Specifications: Weight (with batteries): 105 kg; Length / width / height: 1800/700/1130 mm; Seat height: 410 mm; Engine: Bosch electric motor (2400 W); Peak: 46 km / h; Power: 3.2 hp; Driving modes: 3; Battery capacity: 1.7 kWh; Price: 2699 euros; Surcharge second battery: 1499 euros.

Test data: Braking distance at 30 km / h: 4.7 m; Acceleration (0-30 km / h): 6.13 s; Range (measured / factory specification): 66 km / 80 km; Consumption: 2.6 kWh / 100 km; Charging time: 6.09 hours. Note 1-

Govec's E-Schwalbe: Really cool, but unfortunately expensive

Legs apart: put feet together is not the E-swallow.

What does the swallow best? Accelerate! In “boost mode” the retro electric scooter marches right forward, but also has good grip brakes on board. The fun factor is greatest with this electric scooter, the handling is right. Nevertheless, the e-scooter is well sprung, also thanks to the weight of 135 kilograms – heavier in the test is none. To facilitate maneuvering in tight spaces, there is a “crawl mode”, both forward and backward. Works fine. The boot process is annoying: Only when three different buttons are pressed, you can start. Oh, and then there are the high prices.

Specifications: Weight (with batteries): 135 kg; Length / width / height: 1960/880/1130 mm; Seat height: 500 mm; Engine: Bosch electric motor (4000 W); Peak: 45 km / h; Power: 7 hp; Driving modes: 4; Battery capacity: 4.8 kWh; Price: 5390 euros; Surcharge second battery: 790 euros.

Test data: Braking distance at 30 km / h: 4.4 m; Acceleration (0-30 km / h): 4.25 s; Range (measured / factory specification): 81 km / 125 km; Consumption: 5.9 kWh / 100 km; Charging time: 4.45 hours. Grade: 2+

Emco Novantic C2000: The Vespa copy without a paw

Emco Novantic C2000: Pleasant seating position even for larger riders.

The Novantic C2000 does not look like its electric heart – the retro look is good, it looks like a Vespa. For the driver there is a lot of leg and knee freedom. Its comfortable seat height gives Emco a safe feeling on the road. Nevertheless, he does not seem sedate. The display looks old-fashioned, the very inaccurate battery indicator is a real problem. Also that the different driving modes can only be adjusted by smartphone and not directly on the electric scooter – annoying! The chassis is not optimally tuned, shocks are passed on hard, and on uneven roads, the Emco clatters like an old washing machine when spinning.

Specifications: Weight (with batteries): 100 kg; Length / width / height: 1860/810/1340 mm; Seat height: 530 mm; Engine: electric motor (2000 W); Peak: 44 km / h; Power: 2.7 hp; Driving modes: 4; Battery capacity: 3.6 kWh; Price: 3949 euros; Surcharge second battery: 1499 euros.

Test data: Braking distance at 30 km / h: 4.5 m; Acceleration (0-30 km / h): 7.13 s; Range (measured / factory specification): 108 km / 130 km; Consumption: 3.3 kWh / 100 km; Charging time: 9 hours. Note: 2

Unu Standard: He dashes through the city

Even Unu can be retro, just a number smaller than the swallow.

The Unu standard is small. Longer distances are therefore only something for drivers up to 1.80 meters. The Unu are happy not only about a very comfortable seat, but also about a good suspension and the highest top speed in comparison. During the consumption drive the small Unu drove almost always in front. The turning circle is small, the steep steering head angle makes it possible. But this can lead to very sharp turn, not for beginners. Overall, the handling is safe. The analog display is chic, the electric scooter easy to use – key in, and off you go. However, the brakes need getting used to: they are too soft. If they are not fully dressed, the Unu delayed too much.

Specifications: Weight (with batteries): 76 kg; Length / width / height: 1700/660/1030 mm; Seat height: 420 mm; Engine: Bosch electric wheel hub motor (2000 W); Peak: 46 km / h; Power: 2.7 hp; Driving modes: 1; Battery capacity: 2.9 kWh; Price: 2799 euros; Surcharge second battery: 699 euros.

Test data: Braking distance at 30 km / h: 5.2 m; Acceleration (0-30 km / h): 8.14 s; Range (measured / factory specification): 87 km / 100 km; Consumption: 3.3 kWh / 100 km; Charging time: 6,40 hours. Note: 2-

Torrot Muvi City: He's risking a sound

The steering of the Torrot is difficult, so the handling is bad.

Is not that an Emmy? Yes, eater! He is traveling in some cities as a sharing scooter. With its high seating position, it is also suitable for larger drivers. When driving, he makes with loud buzz attention to himself. Advantage: Other road users are not surprised at the intersection. The torrent absorbs the gas after a short delay, but then accelerates quickly. However, the steering is quite difficult, the handling thereby moderate. Another annoying detail is the charger: It is almost as loud as the electric scooter itself, considerate colleagues do not load in the open-plan office.

Specifications: Weight (with batteries): 85 kg; Length / width / height: 1855/680/1150 mm; Seat height: 530 mm; Motor: electric motor (2650 W); Peak: 44 km / h; Power: 3.6 hp; Driving modes: 2; Battery capacity: 2.3 kWh; Price: 4499 euros; Surcharge for secondary battery: – (series).

Test data: Braking distance at 30 km / h: 6.2 m; Acceleration (0-30 km / h): 8,55 s; Range (measured / factory specification): 51 km / 60 km; Consumption: 4.6 kWh / 100 km; Charging time: 5.15 hours. Note 3

Rolektro Eco-City 45 V.2 Plus: Well, here's just the price

The Rolektro costs only 1279 euros, really cheap. Rear luggage and optional side pockets offer good storage options. Unfortunately you notice the Rolektro its low price too. The turn signals are cheaply processed and bad to use. The seating position is very high, but the scooter is narrow – finding a good seating position is difficult. Fast-driven turns become a test of courage, if the Rolektro has built up the necessary speed. That takes a long time, more than 38 km / h, he managed in the test only downhill. Also at the brake test there were bad marks with a braking distance of about 14 meters from tempo 30.

Specifications: Weight (with batteries): 75 kg; Length / width / height: 1850/780/1240 mm; Seat height: 430 mm; Motor: electric motor (500 W); Peak: 38 km / h; Power: 0.68 hp; Driving modes: 1; Battery capacity: 1 kWh; Price: 1279 euros; Surcharge second battery: 359 euros.

Test data: Braking distance at 30 km / h: 14.6 m; Acceleration (0-30 km / h): 11.46 s; Range (measured / factory specification): 44 km / 45 km; Consumption: 2.2 kWh / 100 km; Charging time: 7.30 hours. Grade: 4-

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