E-scooter: Legal situation FAQ about the e-scooter legal situation

E-scooter: Legal situation FAQ about the e-scooter legal situation

FAQ about the e-scooter law

More and more e-scooters are on the road, but very few people know what is allowed and when they are liable to prosecution. The most important questions and answers about the legal situation!

Electric Vehicles Ordinance, eKFV for short – this is the name of the law that regulates the participation of e-scooters on the road since 15 June 2019. Since the entry into force the electric scooters are officially legal on the way. But they have to fulfill a few conditions. The drivers also have to observe rules of conduct. Those who disobey the rules must expect a fine.

What requirements must the scooters meet?

So the electric scooters are allowed on the street, you need a general operating permit, the so-called ABE, Only then do they meet the necessary requirements, such as a proper brake and lighting system. In addition, a maximum design speed of 20 km / h and certain safety regulations for batteries, stands and engines apply. In addition to the approval, an insurance badge is also necessary, similar to the insurance license plate for scooters. This is available from 30 euros a year for motor insurance.

Can scooters be retrofitted without ABE?

Theoretically, it is possible to retrofit e-scooters that were purchased before the eKFV came into force and that do not yet meet the approval standards. There are two options: Either by retrofitting the manufacturer with ABE or by an individual retrofit with TÜV approval and a single operating permit. Both cases are costly, because the rules are strict – it is not enough to throttle the maximum speed and grow a lighting system. For example, the brakes must reach a certain deceleration value, the materials meet certain requirements, even the bell must meet a set standard. Retrofitting – if technically possible at all – will in many cases be more expensive than the scooter itself, Accordingly, many e-scooter owners without authorization have no choice but to switch to another model if they want to participate in road traffic.

These fines threaten if the e-scooter does not meet the requirements:

• E-scooter without ABE or single purchase: 70 Euro

• E-scooter without insurance: 40 Euro

• Elapsed operating permit: 30 euros

• Missing / broken lighting: 20 euros

• Missing / broken bell: 15 Euro

• Violation of other security requirements: 25 euros

Who is allowed to ride e-scooters?

There is only one requirement for e-scooter drivers: they must be at least 14 years old. A driving license or a test certificate as the moped are not necessary.

Which rules apply when driving?

Use bike paths: E-scooters may only drive where bicycles are allowed. Say: sidewalks are taboo. If there is no cycle path, it is allowed to dodge the road. If you do not stick to it, you have to expect a fine: without hindrance 15 euros, with disabilities: 20 euros, with endangerment: 25 euros, with damage to property: 30 euros.

Top speed 20 km / h: E-scooters with registration can not drive faster anyway. There is also a minimum speed of six km / h. The speed must be adapted to the current traffic situation.

Right driving: Even e-scooters are required to abide by the legal driving requirement in road traffic. Others (eg cyclists) should not be prevented from overtaking.

Show direction change: If you want to turn, this must be indicated by a hand sign.

Drive in series: If you are traveling with a couple or in a group with e-scooters, you have to drive in succession. Who drives next to each other, pays at least 15 euros penalty or disability 20 euros, with risk 25 euros. With property damage 30 Euro become due.

Alcohol limit: The same rules apply as for motorists: Anyone who makes conspicuous driving from 0.3 per mille or is caught in the blood with 0.5 to 1.09 is liable to prosecution. This also has an effect on the car driver's license: 500 euros, two points and driving ban. For road users without a car driver's license threatens a lock-up period.
Put on helmet: There is no helmet requirement, but it is strongly recommended to wear a helmet when riding a scooter.

Be attentive: E-scooters are still a new phenomenon in road traffic. Motorists and other road users may not yet be prepared for it. It is therefore all the more important to drive yourself attentively and considerately. Even potholes, split or cobblestones are dangerous, so always look at the street.

To practice: The first time you step on an e-scooter, you should first familiarize yourself with the scooter and if necessary turn a test round in an empty parking lot or on an empty street.

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What happens in an accident with e-scooter?

If you cause an accident with the e-scooter or damage something, the liability insurance pays the damage. If you have not taken out insurance for the scooter, you must pay the damage out of pocket. The private liability does not pay. In addition, 40 euros will be fine and you must expect an ad for breaching the compulsory insurance law.

Can I take the scooters on the train?

Whether the e-scooters may be transported by bus or train depends entirely on the respective transport company. Here you should inform yourself in advance. Usually, however, nothing speaks against the transport of scooters, after all, they are collapsible and thus much easier to handle than some pieces of luggage.

Do hoverboards and co include eKFV?

The eKFV clearly refers to vehicles with a “steering or support bar of at least 500 mm”. This eliminates hoverboards, e-skateboards and co out of the scheme. You are still not allowed to drive legally on the road.

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