Car Using In Rainy Weather And Considerations

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When we travel by car from your home, work or anywhere, we usually look outside, and our brain quickly detects how we will use the car according to the weather. The brain says: If the weather is open, we can use it without any problem, if the weather is snowy we should use snow tires or chains, we think that if it is raining, we think that the tires will slip and we even control the wipers. Because when it rains, one of the biggest factors affecting our field of view is that the windscreen is watery during the rainfall. The wipers are the best vehicle equipment to throw that water. If our rain wipers do not work, it will be very difficult to drive in rainy weather.

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Many factors are important when driving. For example tires, brakes, headlamps, abs brakes, pedals, handbrake, visibility, weather, driver’s seat adjustment, rearview mirror, right and left mirrors, steering wheel adjustment etc. In addition, a non-car-dependent reason is the weather. Because the weather is important enough to go to life while driving. There is a big difference between driving in a sunny weather and driving in a rainy weather. Since the place is dry when driving in a sunny weather, the wheels have a dry and retaining surface on the surface, so that the tires do not slip the car better.

 Is it difficult to drive a rainy weather? Of course, it is much more difficult to drive in the rain. Because there is a slippery surface between the surface of the car contact and the wheel of the car, which reduces the friction of the wheel, ie it reduces the friction and thus shifts the vehicle. It is very difficult to control the vehicle in rainy weather, especially when taking corners. In such weather, when cornering, we should use the vehicle and follow the road carefully. Otherwise, it can cause accidents by slamming other vehicles, or we can endanger our lives by getting out of the way.

In order not to allow this, the first thing we have to do is to analyze how the car behaves according to the weather before we get into the car. We must not jeopardize ourselves and other persons in the vehicle in this difficult weather. We should also pay attention to traffic signs that show signs of slippery road with rain. Because the already slippery ground will become even more difficult with the rain. In rainy weather, we should take the necessary precautions before driving carelessly.

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