Audi Q3 Sportback (2019): info, test, engines, market launch, price Audi makes the Q3 coupe!

Audi Q3 Sportback (2019): info, test, engines, market launch, price Audi makes the Q3 coupe!

Audi turns the Q3 into a coupé!

With the Q3 Sportback, Audi is bringing a compact SUV coupe. Inside, Alexa moves in and the base gasoline engine gets electrified. How To Cars sat in it and has all the info!

With the Q3 Sportback launches Audi for the first time compact SUV coupe, Initially it was speculated that in the tradition of the Q7 coupe it gets assigned the next higher number. Because the model but unlike the Q8 visually very close to the normal Q3 remains, the Ingolstadt have decided against Q4 and instead for the nickname Sportback. The Q3 Coupé differs not only visually from the base model, Audi has, among other things, the Infotainment system refined and the 1.5-liter gasoline engine electrified, So the new Q3 variant is to make especially the BMW X2 and the Jaguar E-Pace competition. The Q3 Sportback is manufactured in Györ, Hungary, and rolls off Autumn 2019 to the dealers. Although Audi has not yet published official prices, How To Cars estimates that it will start at about 40,000 euros,

Design and dimensions: honeycomb grill for the coupé

As a unique feature, the Q3 coupe gets a honeycomb grill.

From the front, the coupe version is recognizable only at second glance. Audi has the well-known octagonal single-frame grill in the “Edition One” one blackened honeycomb grid and a darkened frame donated. In the other equipment variants, the grill is framed in silver. Otherwise, the front looks like the normal Q3. The biggest design changes are of course recognizable in the side view: With its 4.50 meters, the Sportback 1.6 inches longer and works in combination with the lowered shoulder line significantly more stretched than the standard Q3. Of course, the team around chief designer Marc Lichte the Q3 one behind steeply sloping coupe roofline missed, by which the model in total height shrinks by three inches to about 1.56 meters, At the same time, the Sportback is about half a centimeter narrower. In addition, the Q3 coupe receives slightly modified sills and in the sheet metal punched curves over the wheel arches, Incidentally, Edition One features an Audi logo on the lower edge of the rear door as standard.

The C-pillar and the rear window are much stronger than those of the standard Q3.

The back has also been clearly redesigned: a striking diffuser with four fins extends over the entire rear area. At the top end, the designers have each given him an indicated air outlet on both sides, which is pulled hook-shaped upwards. Above the Audi logo gets the coupe a subtle trailing edge, which makes the Sportback significantly wider and more dynamic. This impression is made by the roof spoiler reinforced, which is mounted above the sloping rear window.

Interior: Over the crest it could be tight

Visually, the interior looks like the normal Q3. The differences are in the detail.

The cockpit of the coupe version is similar to the standard Q3 at first glance. But appearances are deceptive: If one deals more closely with the infotainment system, one notices that the developers for the first time also gave him one acoustic feedback missed. In addition, the pulls Amazon service Alexa in the SUV. Smartphones can be in Sportback wireless Connected to infotainment via Apple CarPlay and using a inductive charging cradle be loaded in the center console at the same time. As usual there is standard digital displaysDepending on the version between 10.1 and 12.3 inches tall. The virtual cockpit plus, which is freely configurable and also displays the navigation information directly in the field of view, sets a fool on it. Overall, the quality of workmanship and the appearance of the material is right, but in the lower part of the center console, for example, cheaper plastic was used. The Alcantara accents on the dashboard and the door panels give the whole but a noble touch.

For tall people, the second row is only partially suitable.

In the back seat, the typical show Dark side of his vehicle genre, Although the knee is okay, over the crest but makes the steeply sloping roofline clearly noticeable. With my just over 1.80 meters, I can still sit uncored, the hair but almost touch the headliner. tall man can probably back just bent over Take a seat. Due to the linear window line is the Outward view pretty good for that, There are also two additional USB ports for charging smartphones at the back of the center console. The Boot volume measures 530 litersif you have the three-part reversek shifts by 13 centimeters to the foremost position, it is even 625 liters. When the backrests are folded down, the luggage compartment holds a total of 1400 liters,

Equipment and connectivity: Alexa in the Q3 Coupé

Audi has the Q3 Sportback course with modern assistance systems fitted. The “Audi pre sense basic” system identifies the driver's loss of control at an early stage, or an acute risk of accident, and prepares the vehicle and the occupants for the impact. For example, the seatbelts are tightened, the windows are closed and the hazard warning lights are activated. “Audi pre sense front” is a combination of one collision warning and one emergency brake assist, There is also one, among others radar based cross traffic warner, one Lane change assistant and a adaptive cruise control, If necessary parks the sportback almost independently on and offHowever, the driver must continue to select the gear, and accelerate and slow down.

The infotainment system with the 10.1 inch MMI touch screen is already known from the Q3, but now also gives an acoustic feedback and has the typical Audi online services and a intelligent voice control, In some European cities, the Q3 Sportback is already networking with the local infrastructure, knows by when the traffic light turns green and recommends the driver then the ideal speed. Completely new is the Integration of Alexa, Not only can music be streamed through the Amazon service, but orders can also be placed. With the help of the “Smart Home” function, the Q3 Sportback can, for example, lower the shutters at home or switch off the lights in the living room. For the Q3 Sportback, Audi has a total of eleven paint colors on offer. Already the base has the gloss package, which includes roofing strips made of aluminum. As an option, there is the “optics package black”, in which, for example, the aprons, the grille and the trim strips on the side windows are completely blackened. On request, the buyer can also have the fender planking in body color. The Base rolls on 18-inchers, the Ingolstadt offer surcharge but also 19 and 20 inch wheels on.

Engines and technology: small petrol engine with electric assistance

All engines of the Q3 Sportback meet the Euro 6d TEMP emission standard.

Audi will two petrol and two diesel to offer. All engines meet the Emission standard Euro 6d TEMP, The entry is the 150 hp and 1.5 liter TFSI gasoline engine (35 TFSI), His power comes standard over a Manual transmission with six gears transferred to the front wheels. A cylinder deactivation should reduce its thirst. Above ranked the provisional top motorization 45 TFSI, which is a two liter and 230 hp turbo diesel is. The quattro drive and the seven-stage S-Tronic are with him series, The Entry-level diesel (35 TDI) Has two liters of displacement and like the smaller petrol too 150 horses under the hood, He is there optional but also with all-wheel drive, The latter is at 190 hp turbo diesel (40 TDI) course standard,

A little later in the model cycle lead the Ingolstadt a electrified version of the 35 TFSI one that standard about the seven-stage dual-clutch transmission features. The mild hybrid is with one 48-volt electrical system and one belt-driven starter generator equipped, which is a small one Lithium Ion Battery filled with electricity. By recuperation will be added Energy recovered, Although still on the hybrid version datasheet 150 hp stand, the engine should provide a better passage through the electric assistance and up to Save 0.4 liters of fuel, Incidentally, the Q3 Sportback always has the otherwise additional charge progressive steering on board. It is more direct impact and should not only improve the handling on winding roads, but make the SUV Coupe handy in the city. The optional and adaptive damper control completes the offer.

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