Audi A1 Sportback: Kaufberatung On a big foot

Audi A1 Sportback: Kaufberatung On a big foot

On a big foot

Audi's smallest series starts in its second generation with significantly more technology and upper-class flair. The purchase advice from AUTO TEST clarifies whether the A1 meets its own high standards.

Whe wants advanced upper-class technology in a small car, usually has to wait a few years. Only then do manufacturers pass on their now not so forward-looking features to the smaller series, which do not require an investment of 100,000 euros or more. With the reissue of the A1, the smallest ring carrier is now ready to receive a variety of high-tech attributes. In addition to numerous electronic helpers and gadgets, the offer also includes the possibilities of optically individualization by means of two-tone paint, wheels and interior details, which are becoming increasingly advanced in this class. With a starting price of 20,000 euros, such options are expected, because with expensive technology alone, it is not enough, it must also be packed accordingly.

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The resale should be kept in mind

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That's how Audis Kleinster drives

When opening the price list, first of all the five drive options that Audi offers for its smallest are striking. If your focus is here, choose either the 35 or 40 TFSI. 150 or even 200 hp (from 27,350 or 29,100 euros) offer plenty of driving fun potential, but are only available with automatic transmission. In addition, we recommend the dynamic package with sports suspension (from 950 euros). That with a good 30,000 euros and dealer discount even a sporty compact car would be feasible, we neglect at this point once. On the other hand, if the 116 hp of the basic gasoline pump are sufficient for you, you can turn a few pages in the catalog. In the not inconsiderable investment we recommend – as always the resale in mind – the headlights and taillights in LED technology for a total of 1230 euros. The significantly better light output in conjunction with the high-beam assistant (135 euros) is worth the extra cost in any case. Expect another 250 euros for the heated and hinged mirrors, if you appreciate this kind of comfort. In our configuration we would dispense with the convenience key, which would burden your account with additional 390 euros. Better sit on the comfortable and multi-adjustable sports seats (340 euros plus 80 euros for the height-adjustable front passenger seat). Fabric or imitation leather? Choose according to preference, prices start with the advanced line at 850 euros. The two-zone automatic climate control (400 euros) you should still take.

The relationship to the big brothers is clear

That the volume control is right in front of the shift lever, not everyone liked. Apart from that, the A1 is at an ergonomically high level.

Approaching the parade discipline of the A1, the relationship to A6, A7 and A8 really stands out. If you value first-class workmanship and fine materials, you are in the right place in Ingolstadt. Based on our recommended line advanced you currently pay 23,595 euros. If your area of ​​application is restricted to the city in which you are familiar, you do not need expensive navigation. 535 euros for smartphone integration are also well-invested money; The route guidance via CarPlay from Apple or Google Maps are by and large in no way inferior to the Audi system. However, you need another 455 euros for the display on the 8.8 inch touch screen, otherwise you look at black plastic. The service is a true self-runner. The menu divides Audi into large tiles, which can also be controlled from the corner of the eye, for all other settings you drive as a precaution ran right. Due to the savings in the Navi we would order the sound system from Bang & Olufsen with 560 watts (750 euros).

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The bottom line is ours A1 25,550 euros on the bill

Feedback-friendly steering, three-cylinder fuel-spattery and Sport-ESP: The A1 drives sportier than the group brother VW Polo.

25,000 euros are cracked. Remains one of the last posts: the assistant. Our test car came with all sorts of helpers, to which we advise only to a limited extent due to the prices. If you would call yourself a park ace, you completely renounce the sensors. If you are sympathetically opposed to acoustic support, you will pay € 370 for parking assistance at the rear, or € 790 if you want the A1 to take the wheel when parking. Alternatively, you can save 20 euros if you rely purely on the image of the rear view camera. The adaptive cruise control (550 Euro) is set with us. All in all, our A1 with usable everyday, comfortable and resale-suitable equipment costs 25,550 euros. For comparison: Hyundai demands for an i20 with 100 HP, automatic and full equipment according to the configurator 21.300 euro – whereby the Koreans draws but in terms of assistance and luxury the short. Ford, as a second example, charged for a five-door Fiesta ST (200 hp) with all kinds of amenities (steering wheel and seat heating, leather package, GPS, sound system and powerful driving pleasure) 29,240 euros. An A1 40 TFSI, however, comes to 37,670 euros. When comparing with the VW Polo (about 3000 Euro difference) scores the A1 on the better technology, driving dynamics and value retention.

Conclusion of Christoph Richter: Audi breathes the A1 a good portion of upper class. It goes without saying that this is accompanied by corresponding prices. If money plays a subordinate role, the A1 is a suitable companion. You have to be economical, limit yourself to your favorite extras – or have a look at the Polo, Fiesta or i20.

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