ADAC traffic jam forecast 28th to 30th June 2019 First summer travel wave spills off

ADAC traffic jam forecast 28th to 30th June 2019 First summer travel wave spills off

First summer travel wave spills off

Six federal states are starting summer holidays these days. The result: a first big trip wave on the highways. The current ADAC congestion forecast!

AIn the weekend of 28th to 30th June 2019 one covers Travel wave from the north and west the highways. This is what the ADAC predicts in its current traffic jam forecast. Reason is the Holiday start in six federal states, In Hesse, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Rhineland-Palatinate, Schleswig-Holstein and in the Saarland the holidays start on the following Monday, in Hamburg the schools close already on Thursday, the 27th of June. In addition, the second holiday week begins in Berlin and Brandenburg.

Scandinavians, construction sites, trucks aggravate the situation

In the direction of the sea or to the south on the road but also car tourists from Scandinavia, would be added numerous construction sites, which may aggravate the strained traffic situation, said the ADAC. The extended summer vacation driving ban for trucks over 3.5 tonnes is only valid from 1 July, so on Saturday probably also many truckers are on the road. As traffic jam peaks next weekend, the ADAC forecasts Friday afternoons, Saturday mornings and early Saturday afternoons, as well as late Sunday afternoons. (Here are anti-traffic tips from How To Cars.)

The stevedores from A1 to A99:

• Highways to the North and Baltic Sea • A1 Bremen – Hamburg – Puttgarden • A2 Dortmund – Hanover – Berlin • A3 Cologne – Frankfurt – Nuremberg • A5 Hattenbacher triangle – Frankfurt – Karlsruhe – Basel • A6 Metz / Saarbrücken – Kaiserslautern – Mannheim • A7 Hamburg – Flensburg • A7 Hamburg – Hanover • A7 Wurzburg – Ulm – feet / reutte • A8 Karlsruhe – Stuttgart – Munich – Salzburg • A9 Berlin – Nuremberg – Munich • A10 Berlin Ring • A11 Berlin – Triangle Uckermarck • A24 Berlin – Hamburg • A61 Mönchengladbach – Koblenz – Ludwigshafen • A93 Inn Valley Triangle – Kufstein • A95 / B2 Munich – Garmisch-Partenkirchen • A99 Bypass Munich.

In addition, the ADAC warns: A lot of patience car lovers need on the Main thoroughfares of neighboring foreign countries – including the highways and coastal roads in Croatia and Slovenia, In Austria, the crowd is particularly high in the Greater Vienna,

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